PP presentations

Monday 27th of June

Invited Talk:
•  “Preserving the Starlight: A new challenge for environment protection”
by Cipriano Marin (Coordinator Starlight Initiative / UNESCO Urban Futures Programme)

• “The Starlight Initiative in the Reserve of Biosphere of La Rioja”
Jesús Ruiz Tutor & Susana Gómez Urizarna (Government of La Rioja) and Alberto Bañuelos & Susana Malón (AAC Acustica+Lumínica)
Part 1 File: Rioja_Montsec_Part1.pdf
Part 2 File: Rioja_Montsec_Part2.pdf

• “Dark Sky Protection in Catalonia”
Sergi Paricio (Servei per a la Prevenció de la Contaminació Acústica i Lluminosa, Government of Catalonia)

•  “International Dark Sky Reserve Project in French Pyrenees : starry nights and sustainable development”
Association PIRENE (Observatoire Pic du Midi)

• “Light Problems in a protected area: Montsec”
Salvador J. Ribas (Parc Astronòmic Montsec)

Tuesday 28th of June 2011

Invited Talk:

“The Andalusian Sky: Legislation, Protection, Appreciation and Awareness”
 by Ángela Ranea (Government of Andalucia)

• “Slovenian Light Pollution Legislation”
Gregor Vertacnik (Dark Sky Slovenia)

• “The Mena Valley Project: Starting the actions”
Javier Mardones (Ayuntamiento Valle de Mena) and Alberto Bañuelos & Susana Malón (AAC Acustica+Luminica)

• “Oasis Starlight/Urban Star Park project in the city of Pau : starry nights, astronomy and urban policy”
Bruno Charlier and Nicolas Bourgeois (Université de Pau)

• “Light Pollution in the Environment of the Turia Natural Park”
Enric Marco and Angel Morales (Universitat de València)

• “Dark Sky Protection at Calar Alto Observatory (Spain)”
David Galadí-Enríquez (Calar Alto Observatory)

• “The Road Runner System: A Light Pollution measuring System”
Daniel Rosa Infantes (Sociedad Malagueña de Astronomía)

Wednesday 29th of June 2011


• “A Biosphere Reserve under the stars”
Tony Gallardo (Reserva de Biosfera de Fuerteventura / MaB)

• “Night species (title to be confirmed)” (Spanish lecture)
Alfons G. Dolsa (Museu de les Papallones)

• “Cel Fosc Association”
Josep M. Bosch (CelFosc – Spanish Dark Sky Association)

• “Dark sky parks and places in Canada and the World”
David Welch (DSAG, IUCN)

• “The New Canadian Jasper Dark Sky Preserve”
Robert Dick (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)

• “Dark-sky Parks and Light Pollution in TV shows and mass-media”
Valentin Grigore (Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)

Thursday 30th of June 2011

Invited Talk:
•  “Identification and verification of potential dark sky parks in Germany”
 by Andreas Haenel (Dark Sky Germany and  Museum Osnabrueck)


• “Ignite for Starry Night” – Getting Started to Achieve and Protect a Natural Night Sky above Eifel National Park.”
Harald Bardenhagen (Astronomie-Werkstatt “Sterne ohne Grenzen”)

Video: Montsec at Night 2011

• “The observatories of the Agrupación Astronómica de Sabadell (AAS) in Montsec”
Carles Schnabel (Agrupación Astronómica de Sabadell)

• “ASTMON: A robotic all sky transmission monitor”
Jesús Aceituno (AstroItec) and David Galadí (Calar Alto Observatory)

• “The control of light pollution in Italy”
Fabio Falchi (Cielo Buio, Italy)

• “Poetry against Light Pollution”
Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)

Friday 1st of July 2011

• “Survey of Illumination Intensities–A Comparison Between Cities & States”
Andrej Mohar (Dark Sky Slovenia)

• “Starlight & Lighting Master Plan in Amurrio (Spain)”
Alberto Bañuelos and Susana Malón (AAC Acústica+Lumínica)

Invited talk:

• “Professional Lighting in front Light Pollution: Problematics, Evolution, Opportunities?” by Ramon Sanmartin, Manuel Garcia and Hector Solano (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Part 1: ProfessionalLighting1.pdf
Part 2: ProfessionalLighting2.pdf